The meta-purpose of this solo campaign is to gain familiarity in the GURPS magical rules, as well as test out various fantasy tropes using GURPS. The action centers around the two titular characters, recent graduates from the magical college known as the Golden Order Magical Society.

Peribold is an initiate in healing and fire magics. A kind soul and a loyal friend, he is quick to sacrifice his own comfort and safety for the good of others. His mentor is an archmage named Mallance, an expert in Healing and Body magics.

Hornsby is a talented young mage specialing in the college of Air, but who shows an omnivorous interest in the magical arts. His personality, while mostly a blank page at this time, has already demonstrated a strong moral center and presence of mind that is the raw stuff of heroes. His mentor is an archmage named Galt who wields broad magical power, but specializes in the Weather school like his pupil.

Peribold And Hornsby